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Património cultural e natural do Sahara Ocidental

ID: 1303

The site was presented as a tool for access to data of past research as well as information about on-going projects. The main goals are: - to allow members of the scientific community to have fast access to data of scientific activities on W. Sahara. It is expected that it will contribute for an efficient planning of the scarce resources, usually available to the scientific institutions, and to avoid investing double efforts on the same targets. - to allow the SADR authorities to dispose of a friendly-use site in order to overview the outputs of scientific projects regarding W. Sahara. Direct access to data is essential in order to plan and implement public policies of development and Heritage conservation.

Duração: 1.00 Horas

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Instituição: Universidade do Porto

Coordenador(a) do Programa: Ana Nogal Dias

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Máximo de Participantes por Sessão: 100

Coordenadas GPS: 41.151774525718, -8.6321638764648

Localidade: FLUP - Porto

Concelho: PORTO

Distrito: PORTO


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