The Gago Conferences on European Science Policy

The Gago Conferences on European Science Policy provide an international forum to strengthen the debate on emerging issues of research and innovation policy in Europe, as well as to promote the necessary involvement of major stakeholders in policy making and the diffusion of knowledge in science education and culture. The Conferences seek also to strengthen international scientific and technological cooperation networking in Europe towards a positive impact on a global scale.Science and technology (S&T) are key global resources for our collective future, our wealth, job creation and shared prosperity, both at home and abroad. The impact of S&T and innovation are the result of a cumulative, long-term, collective and uncertainty process, involving an extensive division of labour, which requires massifying the training of human resources and qualifying the labour force in many economic sectors. Increasing interest in these processes has been driving innovative research and practice across a wide range of businesses and academic disciplines - from management, marketing, engineering and economics to public policy, sociology, history and law.

"Science is a battle ground, it´s not neutral.And if you know it´s not neutral, it becomes interesting.It can become part of the modern youth culture.You must choose between generosity and greed,between peace and war,and choose between disclosing or hiding the truth"...

José Mariano Gago (2001)

The primary objective of these conferences is to bring together leading representatives from academic, business, social, culture and government sectors worldwide to present and discuss current and future issues of critical importance for European science and technology, including their impact to foster social and economic development and shared prosperity both at home and abroad. Multidisciplinary perspectives are encouraged to provide state-of-the-art and useful knowledge to decision makers in the private, public and social sectors - including informed and effective education, culture, business, government policies and strategies for Europe.

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Documents aproved in Gago Conferences

BRUSSELS MANIFESTO | 2022 | June 13th

Europe supports early research careers and stimulating research workplaces.

Prepared within the 4th Gago Conference in collaboration with IN+/IST , Initiative for Science in Europe / ISE and CNRS.

HEIDELBERG MANIFESTO | 2022 | October 6th

Europe supports an innovative patient-centered cancer ecosystem built on infrastructures for basic and translational research, clinical trials, and outcomes research with improved public engagement and understanding.

Prepared within the 5th Gago Conference, in collaboration with   IN+/IST , the European Academy of Cancer Sciences/EACS and the German Cancer Center/DKFZ , Heidelberg.

GAGO AWARDS in European Science Policy

The "Gago Awards in European Science Policy" aimed to honor José Mariano Gagos legacy by paying tribute to inspirational leaders, women and men, who have contributed to the advancement of European science and technology, thus enhancing our collective future and shared prosperity.