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Conservation biology of marine biodiversity: an overview of the last 15 years of research devoted to the conservation of Mediterranean corals

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Global change is challenging marine biodiversity worldwide altering related nature’s contributions to people, with detrimental social, cultural and economic consequences.
The Mediterranean Sea is a striking example of the challenges linked to the conservation of marine biodiversity. Indeed, the Mediterranean is, at the same time, a hotspot of diversity (4-18% of marine species currently described) and a hotspot of anthropogenic pressures (particularly climate change).
Coralligenous biogenic reefs are amongst the richest Mediterranean communities (>1,600 species), and were recognized as priority habitats by the UNEP-MAP. These biogenic reefs are dominated by habitat-forming species such as the red coral, Corallium rubrum, and the red gorgonian, Paramuricea clavata. These habitat-forming species are particularly sensitive to direct anthropogenic pressures and consequences of climate change. For instance, in the last decades, warming-induced large-scale mass mortality events have dramatically impacted the two species. Here, I will give an overview of the research conducted on these species in the last 15 years in order to promote their conservation.

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