The Human Genome: Perspectives for Public Health
The Project in 2003

Groups of students from Brazilian, Mozambique and Portuguese schools were invited to  articles  on Genetics, as well as to discuss controversial issues in a Discussion Forum. In each school, groups carried out the project with teachers of Biology and Portuguese. Researchers from different scientific institutions supported the groups.

Researcher in the project:

Jorge Sequeiros, UNIGene, Porto


Secondary School Teacher:

Mafalda Lapa (Cascais Secondary Education School)


Project Coordination:

Ciência Viva (Rosário Oliveira)

Previous editions of the project:


- The project in 2001

Students from Portuguese secondary schools and one Swedish school interacted with researchers from institutions of Heath Sciences (Genetics), visited laboratories and wrote articles on genetic diseases.

For the creation of those articles (18 altogether), the groups had the support of a journalist.

Students discussed controversial issues on genetics with scientists in a Discussion Forum.


- The project in 2002 Students from schools from different parts of the country produced science fiction texts on the topic Genetics in 2020.

This work was carried out in school with the support of Biology and Portuguese teachers.

Research in genetics and the writer Manuela Gonzaga worked as advisors for the groups.


science fiction texts