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Next Generation Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities for Sustainability

ID: 4419

This conference will have the participation of various UFP researchers developing joint R&D projects with several collaborating enterprises. All conference interventions will address relevant topics related to next generation smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities for improving sustainability. The talks will start with an interesting IoT project related to the management of safe home Ambient Assisted Living scenarios (cf. SmartHoming: IoT Home Care and Security Management System). The second talk will also be focusing on smart home environments for automating activities recognition (cf. DistSense: Distributed system for recognizing activities in intelligent environments). The third talk will present a rather pertinent and scalable IoT project aiming the monitoring of air ambient parameters in public buildings (cf. Airmon: IoT System for Monitoring and Classifying Classroom Occupancy). The fourth presentation will address urban management helpers facing multi-hazard risk analysis (cf. Using Deep Learning for Building Stock Classification in Seismic Risk Analysis). The last talk will present a more entrepreneurial aspect focused on relating city-live streaming and gaming consumption patterns (cf. Reinforcement Learning based Recommender Systems for Web Applications: scenarios of Radio and Game aggregators).

Duração: 2.30 Horas

Observações: Evento aberto ao público em geral.

Instituição: Universidade Fernando Pessoa

Tipo de Evento: Conferência | Colóquio | Palestra


Máximo de Participantes por Sessão: 30

Localidade: Salão Nobre, Universidade Fernando Pessoa

Concelho: PORTO

Distrito: PORTO


23-11-2023 10:00