The CHUB MACKEREL has an elongated body
without scales and a light and silvery colour on
the belly and darker blue-green colour on the
back, with irregular dark lines that give it the
appearance of a “tiger”.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean,
where it inhabits the water column
of the coastal areas down to 250 m depth.
Chub Mackerels form large schools that are
strongly migratory, remaining close to the
bottom during the day and moving upwards
at night to hunt for fish, molluscs and small
crustaceans. It spawns from February to
April, when the female releases 100,000
to 400,000 eggs.
It is fished with seines, trawls and gillnets.

The chub mackerel is very similar
to the Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus),
but only the former has a freckled belly.

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