The SQUID has an elongated, cylindrical body
with an internal shell, the gladius, triangular
fins taking up two thirds of the body, eight arms
with rows of suction cups and two non-retractable
feeding tentacles that it uses to catch prey.
It has a reddish-pink colour with brownish
spots on the dorsal area.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean
where it inhabits depths between
20 and 250 m. It feeds mainly on fish and
crustaceans. It spawns from October to February
and April to June, at which moments it can be
mainly found in coastal waters.
It is fished with trawls and gillnets.

The squid has an almost unique
mobility capability, through a jet propulsion
technique in which the water is sucked into
the mantle cavity and expelled through a
narrow funnel at high pressure; the jet can
be directed in any direction.

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