The CONGER or CONGER EEL has a long
slender and rounded body similar to a snake,
no scales and ranges in size to up over 2 m.
It is black or grey on the back and lighter on
the belly and has a large mouth with thick lips,
strong jaws and sharp teeth.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic in the Azores
and Madeira islands and in the Mediterranean,
where it inhabits the waters near the bottom,
but can live in depths exceeding 1,000 m. During
the day it shelters in rocky crevices from where
it gets out at night to hunt for fish, crustaceans
and cephalopods, but it also hunts in the water
column. It spawns in the summer months,
away from the coast and at greater depths.
It is fished with gillnets.

When they reach sexual maturity,
the congers migrate to tropical and subtropical
regions of the Atlantic, where they breed,
then die. The juveniles make the trip back
when they are about 2 years.

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