The SARDINE has an elongated body covered
with scales, with a darker blue-silvery coloured
back and lighter silvery coloured sides and belly.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean
where it inhabits the water column
in coastal zones between 25-100 m of depth.
It migrates in large schools that seek protection
from predators during the day in deeper water
and at night ascend to surface waters to feed
on algae and small crustaceans. It spawns
from October to April when it is leaner, and
females can release 50,000 to 60,000 eggs.
It is fished with seines.

The sardine is the most popular
fish at city summer festivals, but it is also the
species that is most widely used in the Portuguese
canning industry, which absorbs nearly
half of the catch of the national fleet.

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