with a colour ranging from light grey to dark
brown, oval cream, brown or grey, shell with
streaks and well-marked lines, drawing a grid
that is quite characteristic of this species.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and the
Azores, where it inhabits sandy bottoms and
silt, between 0 and 20 m along the coast,
lagoons and estuaries. It feeds on microalgae
that it filters from the surrounding water.
Spawning occurs in summer.
It is the main bivalve species produced through
aquaculture in Portugal. It is mostly harvested
by hand with a modified knife with a wide blade.

The grooved carpet shell is cultivated
in intertidal areas, through seeding of its “seeds”
(juvenile carpet shell) in the sand and silt
substrate, being harvested for consumption
after two years.

Peso mínimo de captura:
4 cm