The BLUEMOUTH has a robust body, it is reddish
on the back and pink white on the belly, with
red bands on the flanks. It has distinctive spines
and a large mouth that is black on the inside.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and in
Madeira and the Azores, where it dwells on the
seabed between 200-1,000 m, often around
underwater wrecks. It is a solitary species and
aggregate only at the time of reproduction,
which occurs in summer. It feeds on fish, crustaceans
and some cephalopods during the day,
remaining idle during the night.
It is fished with trawl and bottom longline.

Bluemouth eggs are fertilized
internally; the female stores the sperm in the
ovaries for months, releasing the embryos in
stages in a gelatinous matrix.

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