The SPIDER CRAB has a rounded convex
reddish or yellowish brown carapace with
numerous small spines, often covered with
algae and anemones, enabling it to blend in
with the surroundings.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic, off the
Azores and in the Mediterranean, where it
inhabits sandy and rocky bottoms of shallow
10 to 150 m deep waters. It feeds on what it
finds on the bottom, including algae, echinoderms
and small bivalves such as mussels.
It spawns from May to July.
It is captured in cage traps (basket traps).

Spider crab’s females only mate
after moulting, becoming more vulnerable to
predators, which is why males tend to form a
barrier around them to protect the female.

Peso mínimo de captura:
12 cm