The COMMON OCTOPUS has a soft bag-like
body, eight arms with two rows of suction
cups each and a colour and texture that varies
according to the state of the animal and the
surroundings, due to its camouflage ability.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean,
Iberian Peninsula and off Madeira
and the Azores, where it inhabits the coastal
waters down to 200 m of depth. It feeds on
crustaceans (especially crabs), molluscs and
fish. It spawns throughout the year, with periods
of greater intensity in spring and autumn and
the female dies after laying and caring for
about 500,000 eggs. The males die after the
mating period.
It is fished with trawls, shelter traps (pots)
and cage traps.

The only rigid parts of the octopus
are the jaws, in the mouth, commonly called
“beak” that it uses to cut and grind food.

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