The SWORDFISH has a wide and sturdy body
without scales, a bluish black back and lighter
belly with an elongated snout forming a characteristic
flattened sword that it uses to divide
the schools and to defend itself.
It can be found in the Northeast Atlantic and
Mediterranean, where it inhabits the water
column down to 800 m of depth.
It is a solitary fish, highly migratory, very voracious
and aggressive, ingesting their prey in
one piece. It spawns from January to October,
in warmer waters and migrating to cooler
waters to feed on cephalopods and a wide
range of fish.
It is fished with surface longline.

The swordfish’s crescent shaped
tail fin allows it to reach speeds of 100 km/h
and perform jumps in the water.

Peso mínimo de captura:
125 cm / 25 kg