Science Cafe at the Parliament


Science Café at the Parliament is a debate with researchers, members of the parliament and entrepreneurs, organized by Ciência Viva and the Parliamentary Committee on Education Science and Culture with the collaboration of the Associated Laboratories Board.

This initiative aims at promoting dialogue and networking among the participants in order to strengthen the link between policy making and scientific knowledge.

The first Science Café, held in 2005, focused on Scientific Culture and Political Decision-making. Since then, with the exception of 2006, the event has been taking place every year, with different agendas.

2016 (Abril) - Saúde e Alterações Climáticas 

2015 (Abril) - Biotecnologia: desafios na manipulação da vida

2014 (March) - Tinkering with the Brain

2013 (November) - The Future of Water: Sustainability Challenges

2013 (April) - Space Science, opportunities on Earth

2012 (October) - Fundamental and Applied Research: the Higgs boson (more)

2012 (April) - Geology - The past present in the Future

2011 - Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

2010 - Science for Biodiversity

2009 - Marine Science, new technologies and the exploration of marine resources

2008 - High-voltage grids, antennas and risk awareness

2007 - Energy and Climate Change

2005 - Scientific Culture and Political Decision-making