The EDIBLE CRAB has a sturdy oval reddish-
-brown carapace that is wider than it is long,
and two powerful claws with black tips.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean,
where it inhabits the water column
in the first six months of life, after which it
settles on the bottom at depths down to 100 m,
including rivers and estuaries. It feeds mainly
at night on crustaceans and bivalves, which it
captures and kills by crushing it with its claws.
It spawns during the spring and summer after
the female moults her exoskeleton.
It is captured in cage traps (fish pot).

The female crabs carry up to 3
million eggs under their abdomen for six
months, remaining buried under rocks or in
holes they dig.

Peso mínimo de captura:
13 cm