The CUTTLEFISH has a flattened oval body
with an internal shell, the cuttlebone, eight
arms with suction cups and two rows of long,
retractable tentacles that it uses to catch prey.
The grey and white body often shows dark
dorsal bands.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic, Madeira
Islands and the Mediterranean, where it dwells
close to the seabed, being more common down
to 200 m. It is a nocturnal predator that feeds
preferentially on crabs, mussels and fish. In the
summer it migrates to more coastal waters;
spawning occurs between February and October,
the female laying up to 4,000 eggs.
It is fished with gill nets and cage traps (basket

Cuttlefish are referred to as
“chameleons of the sea” due to their ability to
quickly change their body colour and pattern
to communicate with others, to camouflage
themselves and to ward off predators.

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