The GILT-HEAD SEABREAM has a very oval
grey silvery body and a golden spot between
the eyes that brings this fish the name “gilt”.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean,
where it inhabits the water column
in areas down to 150 m of depth.
It lives either solitarily or in small groups and
feeds on molluscs, crustaceans and sea urchins.
It spawns at sea from October to December but
the juveniles seek the protection of the estuaries
to develop.
It is fished with trawls and gillnets; it is the
second most produced species in aquaculture
in Portugal only exceeded by the turbot.

Most gilt-head sea breams are
born male and only convert into females with
sexual maturation. This sequential hermaphroditism
also occurs in common sea breams
and black-spotted sea breams.

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