Centro Ciência Viva de Bragança

The headquarters of Centro Ciência Viva de Bragança is housed in an old hydroelectric plant located on the left bank of the Fervença River, near a waterfall, and is integrated into an exceptional landscape. It is possible to visit a new and modern micro-hydroelectric plant that produces part of the consumed energy. The Center, inaugurated on June 30, 2007, also includes the Casa da Seda (Silk House), housed in an old mill in the riverside area where dye houses were located. Here, visitors can understand the life cycle of the silk worm and learn about the traditional silk production industry, which was once of great importance to the local economy. The construction of the main building incorporates innovative solutions for climate control, saving energy by incorporating a set of systems that use the natural source of solar energy for cooling and heating. Energy in its various forms, its transformation and renewable sources, and the impact of human actions on the planet are the central themes. The Center also offers a wide range of activities, from science cafes to workshops, birthday parties, and scientific workshops. Real-time monitoring of energy management is available.

Rua do Beato Nicolao Dinis, Bragança, 5300 - 130 Bragança | Telefone: (+351) 273 313 169


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