Museu do Côa - Centro Ciência Viva

In the Côa Valley, we discover an immense outdoor art gallery that began to be engraved by talented Paleolithic artists almost 30,000 years ago. We toasted to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and on the same day, we went down rivers, snaked through hills and valleys, and were reborn in the largest flight tunnel in the Iberian Peninsula - with our eyes fixed on the blue sky, we escorted the gliding of eagles and buzzards on their way to Africa - we appreciated the silence of castles with towers, and towers with almonds - we climbed sacred viewpoints and dug up all eras of human history. The Museum serves as the gateway that allows visitors to start discovering the rock art of the Côa and Douro valleys. The Museum, integrated into the Centers Network on March 15th 2019, is also a welcoming center for researchers who wish to study the Côa, taking advantage of the largest national library dedicated to rock art. The contents covered are relevant to various fields of knowledge. Not only for History, Geography or Art Studies, but also for Geology, Biology, or Communication and Image.

Fundação Côa Parque, Rua do Museu, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, 5150 - 620 Vila Nova de Foz Côa | Telefone: (+351) 279 768 260

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