Galeria da Biodiversidade - Centro Ciência Viva

Located in the Casa Andresen, in the Botanic Garden of Porto, the Galeria da Biodiversidade - Centro Ciência Viva (Biodiversity Gallery - Living Science Centre) opened on June 30, 2017, and is the first Living Science Centre dedicated specifically to biodiversity. A space where art intersects with biology and natural history, stimulating a range of sensory experiences, intentionally and carefully designed to celebrate the diversity of life, the Galeria da Biodiversidade is the world_s first museum created from scratch according to the philosophy of total museology. In this place, visitors can find an exemplary set of 49 exhibition modules and installations, many of which were developed or adapted specifically for its permanent exhibition, organized into 15 main themes through which the most varied aspects of the biological and cultural diversity we know today are addressed. With unparalleled features and characteristics worldwide, and properly framed in an extraordinarily rich and diverse range of museographic resources, ranging from mechanical models to the most sophisticated multimedia and audiovisual platforms, this new and unique cultural platform will invite visitors on a journey through science, literature, and art, during which the most beautiful stories about life will be told.

Rua do Campo Alegre, 1191, Porto, 4150 - 181 Porto | Telefone: (+351) 220 408 700

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