Centro Ciência Viva de Vila do Conde

The Centro Ciência Viva in Vila do Conde is located in the former Civil Prison, a building with the geometric configuration of a dodecagon and an interior courtyard topped with a glass skylight. This old prison ceased its functions in the 1970s and on March 2, 2002, reopened its doors, this time as the Centro Ciência Viva. What traveling companions could we find on a journey through our blood vessels? What obstacles would we encounter? Can a healthy diet and lifestyle help? ´Water in the human body: blood´ is one of the main exhibitions and covers concepts from the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. An auditorium, a laboratory, and an aquarium with over 2000 liters of saltwater that serves as a habitat for various marine species from our coast are other features of this center.

Avenida Bernardino Machado, 96, Vila do Conde, 4480 - 657 Vila do Conde | Telefone: ( 351) 252 633 383


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