Planetário - Casa da Ciência - Centro Ciência Viva de Braga

Located in Gualtar, near the University of Minho, the Planetarium - Casa da Ciência de Braga is a space that promotes the dissemination of science and technology. Since 2010, it has provided a science space whose main module is a fully digital and immersive planetarium, where visitors can watch 360-degree scientific documentaries or learn about astronomy through the real-time simulation of the night sky. On October 21, 2016, it joined the Ciência Viva Centers Network and is a space for all ages! The Planetarium - Casa da Ciência de Braga also explores other scientific areas, promoting knowledge to the entire society.

Rua Maria Delfina Gomes, n.º 4, Gualtar, Braga, 4710 - 054 Gualtar - Braga | Telefone: (+ 351) 253 695 236 | (+ 351) 964 351 350

Selo “Clean & Safe” atribuído à Rede de Centros Ciência Viva