Curtir Ciência - Centro Ciência Viva de Guimarães

Launched on December 17th 2015, the Guimarães Centro Ciência Viva (CCVG) is housed in the facilities of a former tannery, constituting a space for experiencing the memories of a traditional industry, experimentation, and dissemination of scientific culture. Acquired in 1978 by the Guimarães City Council, the Âncora Tannery Factory building underwent rehabilitation works that preserved its unique architectural identity, leaving intact the legacy associated with the transformation of skins from different animals into leather. Its permanent exhibition consists of 17 interactive modules that cover various areas of knowledge - Electronics and Instrumentation, Robotics, Recycling, History, or Communications. It is a space for all ages, with a strong presence of modern technologies.

Rua da Ramada, 166, Guimarães, 4810 - 445 Guimarães | Telefone: (+351) 253 510 830

Selo “Clean & Safe” atribuído à Rede de Centros Ciência Viva