Mina de Ciência - Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal

Visiting the Lousal Science Center is like stepping back in time to when the mine was active, and millions of years old minerals were extracted by thousands of miners who worked and lived there with their families. In this house of science, located in three buildings once associated with mining activities, science is explored, and the richest of minerals is extracted: knowledge. Inaugurated on June 30, 2010, today this space has a new future, a reinvented land driven by the will of many and sustained by the richest of minerals: knowledge. In the space adjacent to the Science Center, the Mine Museum, located in the former Power Plant, is also worth a visit. The outdoor pedestrian paths lead visitors to discover the montado ecosystem and megalithic monuments, culminating in a ´journey to the center of the Earth´ with the entrance to an old Lousal mine gallery. At dusk, visitors are invited to observe bats and the Milky Way.

Av. Frédéric Velge, Lousal, 7570 - 006 Lousal | Telefone: (+351) 269 750 520/2


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