Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos

The Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos is located in the heart of the city overlooking Avenida dos Descobrimentos. Between the Municipal Market and the Church of São Sebastião, its facades of graffiti cubes and illusion discs result in a modern and interactive aesthetic that leaves no one indifferent. It is a space for science, interactive learning and fun where the permanent exhibition, From the Astrolabe to GPS, bridges discoveries from the past and present. Regularly, it also hosts temporary exhibitions on various topics. Open to the public on January 29th 2008, seeks to promote and disseminate scientific and technological culture to the general public, the Center has a wide range of educational offerings for different audiences such as Family Science, Science in Conversation, or the Science Club. By combining science and leisure, our Science Garden or even the Submarine room are synonymous with guaranteed success for audiences of any age.

Rua Dr. Faria e Silva, 34, Lagos, 8600 - 734 Lagos | Telefone: (+351) 282 770 000 | Tlm: ( 351) 969 685 985


Selo “Clean & Safe” atribuído à Rede de Centros Ciência Viva