Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve - Faro

The ´apalpário´, a tank where visitors can touch typical species from the Algarve coast and Ria Formosa, is one of the main attractions of this Centro Ciência Viva, whose main exhibition is dedicated to the sea. Located in the center of the city of Faro, in a century-old building originally built to house the first power plant in the Algarve, it was the first interactive center of the National Network of Centro Ciência Viva to open its doors on August 3, 1997. Part of the exhibition area is occupied by aquariums and rooms dedicated to the physics and chemistry of light, the brain, and the senses. Science also goes outdoors and occupies a garden with modules on energy, a technological greenhouse, and a rooftop with a magnificent view of the Ria Formosa that allows for the observation of wading birds. Birthday parties, lectures, workshops, field trips, and astronomy sessions are also part of the programming.

Rua Comandante Francisco Manuel, Faro, 8000 - 250 Faro | Telefone: (+351) 289 890 920


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