Exploratório - Centro Ciência Viva de Coimbra

Located in Coimbra, in a complex of 2500 square meters, the Exploratório Centro Ciência Viva de Coimbra is an entity that promotes scientific culture for the Central Region. After being housed in the Municipal House of Culture, in provisional facilities, the center benefited from a permanent building, built in 2008, on the left bank of the Mondego river. In addition to the various exhibitions open to the public on science and technology topics, the Exploratório has the Hemispherium, a cinema room with a dome-shaped ceiling that shows various films projected at 360º. Aimed at various audiences, the Center also offers its visitors programs such as Explorastórias (a scientific exploration activity based on children_s stories), Science Doesn´t Take Holidays or scientific birthday parties. The Exploratório - Centro Ciência Viva da Universidade de Coimbra joined the Network of Centers on November 23rd 1998.

Rotunda das Lages, Parque Verde do Mondego, Coimbra, 3040 - 255 Coimbra | Telefone: (+351) 239 703 897


Selo “Clean & Safe” atribuído à Rede de Centros Ciência Viva