Centro Ciência Viva de Constância - Parque de Astronomia

The Universe and the solar system are the central themes of this astronomy-themed amusement park, where visitors regularly have the opportunity to point telescopes at the starry sky. With a total area of 10,000 m2, the Center has an outdoor park with eight interactive modules, including the Saturn Carousel and the Analemmatic Sundial, a planetarium, an outdoor amphitheater, and five astronomical observation domes. A complex that combines the conviviality of science with contact with nature. In the Helio-Physics Laboratory, it is possible to observe the Sun using an innovative equipment that allows seeing prominences and sunspots, both in the continuous spectrum and with the use of filters. The Center regularly organizes evening programs at the Astronomical Observatory of the Center, a mobile dome installed on the roof of the main building, which houses a 10´´ Schmidt-Cassegrain catadioptric telescope.

Alto de Santa Bárbara, Via Galileu Galilei, 817, Constância, 2250 - 100 Constância | Telefone: (+351) 249 739 066 | Tm 911 588 984


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