Fábrica - Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro

The Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro is located in the premises of the former Companhia Aveirense de Moagens. Interactive exhibitions, activities that reveal the science of cooking, two spaces dedicated to Robotics, and a holography laboratory are just some of the reasons to visit this true factory of science. Resulting from a partnership between Ciência Viva and the University of Aveiro, its scope of activity goes far beyond the building and extends to other equipment in the region, through programs to support schools and collaboration between scientific institutions, companies, municipalities, and educational institutions. The close connection to the University of Aveiro gives the Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro, launched on July 4th 2004, a decisive added value, creating innovative capacities for the development of unique content in the national panorama, examples of which are the two robotics rooms and the holography laboratory.

Rua dos Santos Mártires, 1A, Aveiro, 3810 - 171 | Telefone: (+351) 234 427 053


Selo “Clean & Safe” atribuído à Rede de Centros Ciência Viva