YELLOWFIN TUNA, as most tuna it has an
elongated body, which makes it an excellent
swimmer, making long-range migrations at
high speed. It has dark almost vertical lines on
the belly; the second dorsal fin as well as the
anal fin is large and yellow.
It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean,
forming shoals that inhabit mostly
close to the surface. It may, however, make
short dives to depths exceeding 500 m, looking
for food like squid, crustaceans and a variety
of fish. The reproductive peak occurs in
the summer.
It is fished with surface longline, pole and line
and traps.

The yellowfin tuna can swim and
hunt in cold water because it is able to maintain
the temperature of its body above the
temperature of the water.

Minimum legal catch weight:
3.2 kg