Human Genome: Perspectives for Public Health

  • The project

  • An international project on the perspectives for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases in light of the research carried out into the Human Genome, involving secondary school students and teachers, Health Sciences researchers and journalists. It had 4 different editions (from 2001 to 2004).

  • Schools in the project

  • Participation of schools from Portugal (Azores included), Germany, Mozambique and Sweden.

    A German and a Swedish school took part in the project.

  • Scientific community support

  • Partnerships between schools and scientists

  • Support materials

  • List of recommended sites

    Articles created by researchers
    See articles

  • Activities

  • 1. Groups from different schools visited science institutions, interviewed researchers and created articles on genetic diseases.

    Each article focussed on:
  • the research carried out by the researcher working with the group

  • community initiatives carried out by the researcher institution

  • a patient’s story

  • controversial issues

  • 2. Groups of students from Brazilian, Mozambique and Portuguese schools were invited to articles on Genetics and diseases with the support of researchers.

    Example: an interview to a researcher by the students from a school in Azores about a genetic disease: Machado-Joseph

    3. Students created science fiction texts under the topic Genetics in the Year 2020. A science fiction writer and a scientist chose the best short stories (a prize was awarded)
    The story writing gave way to activities in schools with the support of the Biology and Portuguese language teachers.
    Students’ short stories
    Photos (prizes)

    4. Schools carried out experiments based on a science Kit produced by NCBE (Portuguese version provided by Ciência Viva) and shared results.

    5. Videoconference between Portuguese and Brazilian students on genetics.

    6. Q / A: Questions of students | Answers by scientists

    7. Discussion forum
    Controversial aspects of the research into the Human Genome will be the basis for a Discussion Forum on the Internet.

  • Public sessions

  • Session in the Pavilion of Knowledge, Science Week 2001
    Students talked about their experience in the project. Interview by a journalist (national newspaper), session coordination: scientist in charge of the project

    Session with an expert in forensic genetics, 2001

    Debate in the Pavilion of Knowledge
    Debate with researchers and students, May 2000
    Topic: Future Challenges for the Health Sciences: Sorting Fact from Fiction

    Ex-president Clinton visits the Pavilion and talks to students in the project
    Topic: Malaria – practical activities + exhibition

    The support of journalits
    Journalists from a national newspaper supported the students:
  • in the preparation of the visits to the institutions

  • for the interviews to the researchers

  • in the final document writing

  • Support materials

  • The project in the media

  • An article about the project published in a national newspaper

  • The 4 editions of the project