The Little Girl from the Sea
Learning about marine ecosystems 

Activities to explore biology contents related to marine ecosystems.
The starting point is the children’s story The Little Girl from the Sea, by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. 

These activities aim to promote children’s interest in experimental activities, the development of their creative and communication abilities and their reading skills.


Initial Worksheet   |  Fieldwork   |  Crab   |  Octopus   |   Fish

Author: Raquel Gaspar in partnership with Ciência Viva.

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- How to Read a Fish   PDF
Margaret Olsen, Ocean Society Fish Curriculum

- Acidez dos oceanos ameaça vida marinha, artigo Ciência Hoje

- Biodiversidade costeira, Parque Marinho Luiz Saldanha



Os Amigos da Menina do Mar
Raquel Gaspar

Worksheets, European project Volvox