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Ciência Viva is an agency for the promotion of the scientific and technological culture in Portugal.

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The Science and Technology Week and the Science Activities in the Summer are two of the initiatives for the general audience that have been running since 1997.

Science for Young People in the Holidays a programme that invites secondary school students to be part of research teams in laboratories and other institutions all over the country, is another initiative that is running its 17th edition.

The Agency has extensive experience in engaging researchers in initiatives to improve science education in elementary and secondary education schools. Choosing Science and Parents Supporting Science Activities are examples of two recent programmes.

In the last 10 years, Ciência Viva has participated in several European projects from more than 22 framework programme projects.

Ciência Viva has stimulated the creation of a national network of 20 interactive Science Centers, in close collaboration with universities and local authorities.