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Ciência Viva Summer Initiatives

Discover science on your holidays!

No need to bring your telescopes, magnifying glasses or binoculars. Ciência Viva has established partnerships with scientific institutions, museums, science centres and enterprises to bring science to you.
Every year, from 15 th July to 15th September, thousands of initiatives take place all over the country.


Astronomy in the Summer

Get involved in sky observations of stars, planets and constellations with the guidance of astronomers.

More than 500 initiatives all over the country.

2004 to 2014 Editions

Geology in the Summer

Guided visits to geological sites to learn about the history of the Earth.

A trip to the past of dunes, fossils, cities and geo monuments.

2004 to 2014 Editions

Biology in the Summer

Take part in field trips guided by biologists and botanists to learn about life in ponds, woodlands, beaches and estuaries.

About 600 initiatives all over the country.

2004 to 2014 Editions

Engineering in the Summer

Visit the most relevant examples of Portuguese engineering in different fields: telecommunications, energy production, control of traffic or wine production.

2004 to 2014 Editions

Lighthouses and science

Visit lighthouses to learn about optic concepts and to get involved in the world of navigation.

An initiative in partnership with the Portuguese Navy.

2004 to 2014 Editions

Science in the Castles

Scientific walks through castles and fortresses, landmarks of our country’s history.

Learn about the stones used in their construction and the techniques used in battles fought in the castles.

2004 to 2014 Editions

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