Ciência Viva in the  Summer Ciência Viva in the Summer
Field trips, sky observations, visits to geological sites, lighthouses, castles and prominent examples of Portuguese engineering.

From 15 July to 15 September.
Participation is free.

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Internships for young students in laboratories Internships for young students in laboratories
Registration are open for the 2014 edition.

A programme for secondary school students to get involved in research teams from different science and technology institutions. [ more... ]
ESERO Portugal ESERO Portugal
Educational project promoted by the European Space Agency in collaboration with Ciência Viva.
Proposals for space exploration in the classroom.

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Ocean Literacy Ocean Literacy
Information on the Portuguese research institutions on Marine Sciences and educational resources to support the integration of this topic in the school curricula.

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AlphaGalileo AlphaGalileo
News on Science, Engineering and Technology in Europe.
Ciência Viva supports the dissemination of news from Portuguese scientific institutions.

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