European Science TV & New Media Festival and Awards

The European Science TV and New Media Festival and Awards offers the chance for Lisbon to host, for the first time, an ambitious cross-cultural initiative on Science TV and New Media. The Festival will include screenings of the best Television and New Media output in science from across Europe and keynote talks on issues raised by the productions and short seminars on themes bearing on The International Year of Light and on Rosetta Mission.

The event culminates in the Awards Ceremony, on the evening of the 25th of November.

The Festival  is organized by Ciencia Viva, EuroScience and EuroPAWS, in association with the city of Lisbon.


The Winners

Awards Ceremony 2015 

There are several productions across Europe nominated for 11 categories. During the event we will have the opportunity to watch short clips of the finalists and find out who the winners are, in a ceremony inspired by the Oscars.

This evening, keyspeaker Mark McCaughrean, Senior Science Advisor at European Space Agency, will talk about Rosetta Mission, one of the most ambitious missions in planetary science this decade. This will be followed by a panel discussion with specialists in SCIENCE and MEDIA.

Mark McCaughrean is responsible for communicating the scientific results from ESA’s astronomy,  heliophysics, planetary, and fundamental physics missions.  Mark and his team currently have spacecraft working at Venus, Mars, Saturn, and around the Earth, as well as looking at the Sun. They are also building new missions to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter’s icy moons, as well as new space telescopes, some of which will be searching for Earth-like planets in orbit around nearby stars




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