Materials for observing and experimenting



This booklet describes several experiments and observation activities aimed at children aged eight and over. The activities may be used as a stimulus to observation by parents or by teachers in Basic Education.

The booklet comes with a compass and five cut-outs to make a globe, a sun dial, a protractor, a quadrant and a nocturnal.

Building and using these instruments act as a stimulus to observe the world around us.

The booklet is completed by the Latitude and Longitude Text.

Editorial Staff

Text and Instruments: Rui Dilão

Revision and Suggestions: Maurice Bazin, Elisa Figueira, Helena Fonseca, Carlos Rodrigues and the Ciência Viva Unit team.

Comments on the text: Ana Teodoro, Dulce Marcelino, Suzana Andrade and Maria João Marujão.

Graphic Design: FPGB design

Internet Ediction: Guache Mágico

Pilot testing in schools: E.S. Luísa de Gusmão (Lisbon), E.S. Rainha D. Amélia (Lisbon), E.S. José Régio (Vila do Conde, EB2,3 D. Manuel (Alcochete) and Colégio de Quiaios. Our thanks to the teachers and students who took part in these tests.

Acknowledgements: The view of the Earth and the Sun on Pages 2 and 5 courtesy of the NASA Photo Bank. The astrolabe diagram courtesy of the Naval Museum. Some of the Earth pictures from John Walker. The globe was designed from data 88-MGG-02, Digital Relief of the Surface of the Earth, NOAA, National Geographic Data Center, Boulder, California, 1988. Our thanks to all of these.

© Ministry of Science and Technology, 1999