Christmas Conference

Ciência Viva Christmas Conferences are organized by Ciência Viva in collaboration with renowned Portuguese and international science institutions. The conferences are inspired by the Christmas Lectures of London’s Royal Institution, started in 1825 by Michael Faraday, and are open to public of all ages.


Microplastics? Not even for Christmas ornaments!

December 20 | 19.00 | National Theatre D. Maria II
With Paula Sobral

Plastics are a threat to the environment now recognized as a global problem. Decades of careless use have led to large concentrations of plastics in the ocean, which becomes brittle over time and with the action of the sun and the waves, creating small fragments - the so called microplastics. More

Deep Sea - a journey into the unknown

21st December, 7:00 pm, National Theatre D. Maria II
With Ana Colaço
Ana Colaço has been dedicated to the study and conservation of the hydrothermal vents ecosystems.



In the Footsteps of Dinosaurs

21st December, 7:00 pm, National Theatre D. Maria II 

Did you know that Portugal is one of the countries with more dinosaur remains? And that Lourinhã, in Central Portugal, has one of the largest deposits of dinosaur eggs in the world?

Book your seat now for this journey full of stories and adventures led by the palaeontologist Octávio Mateus. More



Antartic Talks - 13 December

With polar scientists José Xavier and Gonçalo Vieira.
More than 400 people joined the two scientists in an historical venue, the Lisbon Geographic Society.  

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Six months out of this world - 7 December

The São Jorge Cinema, one of the largest movie theaters for film festivals in Lisbon, received 800 people to hear the astronaut Paolo Nespoli.  

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Majorana, particle and man: which is worse? - 20 December

The first Christmas Lecture was organized in the Pavilion of Knowledge with João Magueijo, Portuguese researcher working at the Theoretical Physics group of the Imperial College, London, and Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Computing, CERN.

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